Protect Your Digital Assets

As businesses become increasingly digital, they gain huge benefits from adopting cloud, social media, and mobile devices. But these new tools also expose businesses to new risks. Digital Shadows monitors the internet for risks to your business and provides a real time view of digital risk with tailored threat intelligence.

Introducing Searchlight™

The Digital Shadows SearchLight™ service combines the industry’s most comprehensive and scalable data analytics combined with human data security experts to protect an organisation from digital risks including cyber threat, data loss, brand exposure, vip exposure, physical threat and infrastructure exposure.

Threat Intelligence Funnel

From huge digital shadow to managable and tailored threat intelligence.


Searchlight™ Features

Tailored Threat Intelligence

Only the most relevant and contextual, based on industry, company size and geography.

Dark Web Search Capability

Tor, I2P, criminal sites & IRC conversations including full page content and screen shots.

Identification of Data Loss

Spot IP, technical info or sensitive data and immediately administer takedowns.

Typosquatting Identification

Discover domains that could potentially be used in typosquatting attempts.

Mobile Application Monitoring

Monitor official and third-party/unofficial application stores that pose a risk.

Credential Compromise

Search & detect leaked credentials across paste sites, social media & search engines.

Malicious Actor Assessment

Level of threat each actor poses, a timeline of their activity, and links to other actors.

Real-Time Alerts & Insight

Delivered with actionable incidents containing context and analyst-provided insight.

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