Asperitas is a clean and high-tech company. As leading immersion cooling specialists they provide cutting edge immersion cooling solutions for energy efficient and high density datacentres globally.



Smaller physical footprint compared to air cooling



Less datacentre CAPEX and OPEX costs compared to air cooling



Greater CPU performance compared to air cooling



Energy ready for reuse

Award-winning natural convection technology

Optimised for synergy and performance

Asperitas’ unique technology enables sustainable and high density datacentres anywhere they are needed.

Accelerate your infrastructure with application-specific hardware in fully integrated, contained and plug and play immersion cooling solutions.


High performance computing

Modular and scalable, by design

Facilitates 5-10 times more density than air

Plug-and Play design, easy to set up

Datacentres can do more: Keeping IT cool, immersion cooling special

Immersion cooling is not new, but as IT workloads continue to densify, the move towards more effective cooling techniques has become a necessity. Whilst the need for immersion is clear, the path to adoption is still a discovery for first time users. With immersion cooling being a cross over solution between cooling and IT, there are different components and perspectives to what makes an immersion cooling project successful.

Operational readiness is something that starts with selecting the right solution, all the way down to the ideal situation: an optimized facility. The right immersion cooling solution is always a system where the cooling solution, the dielectric fluid and the compute hardware are integrated from a business, operational and technical perspective.

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Immersion Cooling Solutions FAQ - Episode 1

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Industry solutions

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Research & Academia: Supercharged.

Maximise high performance computing with immersion cooling. Minimise energy costs. Immersed Computing® solutions allow for high density CPU and GPU, without overhead energy and can plug and play anywhere on campus. All solutions can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.

Emerging Tech: Datacentres for emerging technologies can be future ready.

Common data is only transferred to the backup or offsite location ONCE. Unlike most competitors, the service does not handle this post-process so it ensures that only changed data is sent to the customer’s backup repository right away (rather than removing the identical data after the transfer).

Cloud Providers: Be hyperscale efficient with any scale.

Standardise and scale your platform. Bring back the focus on IT, not the facility, with immersion cooling. Immersed Computing® solutions will allow you to bring your cloud service on a mimimal footprint, with no overhead and full utilisation of your servers. All solutions can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.

Enterprise: Facilitate all the applications your organisation needs.

From full stack immersion cooling solutions for all enterprise workloads to mixed zones in your datacentre with high density compute needs and high storage nodes. All solutions can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.

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