Guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.

Cyber Essentials has been designed to be achievable for all businesses from Start-ups to Enterprise.

Both standards were created to ensure that all organisations are able to implement essential security controls and processes to protect their business from up to 80% of internet based attacks.


What does Cyber Essentials cover?

Malware Protection

Malware Protection is critical to your business security. Malware Protection is designed to detect, delete or block malicious code which could be used to encrypt your device, steal or delete your data.

Secure Configuration

Secure Configuration should be a high priority for every business. It protects your business against known vulnerabilities and ensures you actively minimise threats to your organisation.

Patch Management

Patch Management is a key control within Cyber Essentials. Patches fix vulnerabilities which attackers can exploit. When a new security patch is released you should be implementing within 14 days to achieve certification.

Boundary Firewalls

Firewalls are your first line of defence. By analysing all the data arriving through your internet connection, a correctly configured firewall will block malicious programmes and attackers from gaining access to your systems.

Access Control

Access Control should be fundamental to your business. It controls who has access to what information and resources. Effective Access Control makes sure users are who they say they are.


Successful application of the Cyber Essentials Certification includes FREE Cyber Liability Insurance up to £25,000.00. Certifying annually is fundamental to ensuring your business remains protected and has maintained an appropriate level of cyber hygiene.


Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates a base-level appreciation of cyber security within your organisation. The assessment process comprises of an online questionnaire being completed by the organisation, which captures information that supports the five controls being in place.

Once the questionnaire has been submitted, an accredited Cyber Essentials assessor examines the responses to ensure that these are line with the list of requirements produced by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre). If successful, the organisation will be awarded Cyber Essentials certification.


Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

Cyber Essentials Plus builds on the requirements that are mandated by the Cyber Essentials certification and includes an active assessment that is conducted at your organisations premises.

The Cyber Essentials Plus assessment requires that organisations already have Cyber Essentials certification and includes a number of specific tests which validate that a subset of the five control categories are implemented correctly.

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